How Exactly Does One Go About Renting A Dumpster?

The procedure for renting a dumpster is actually quite uncomplicated. First, you will need to give the company that you rented the dumpster from the specifics of where & when you would like them to deliver the dumpster to you.

The driver then brings the dumpster to the location you specified on the date you requested it. After that, you proceed to load the container with debris & there materials originating from your location, whether that be your home or the job site.

When you have completed using your dumpster, please give the office a call to let them know you are ready to have it taken.

What Dimensions Should The Dumpster Be?

This is the question that comes up the most frequently in our correspondence. It is not always easy to estimate how big of the dumpster you will require, particularly in situations where a rather simple project winds up being a significant one.

At Tri-State Waste & Recycling, we provide a selection of dumpster sizes so that we can accommodate a wide range of projects, from the very tiny to the very large. Visit our dumpster picker guide in order to get an overview of all of the available dumpster sizes.

Are you still unclear of which size would be most appropriate for you? Simply give us a call, and we will have one of our staff discuss your choices with you when they take your call.

What Kinds Of Things Can I Throw Away In The Dumpster?

Dumpsters are designed to accommodate a wide variety of objects. Dumpsters are used by corporations who do roofing and building to dispose of roofing shingles & other debris from construction projects.

The spring & autumn seasons are frequent times for people to rent dumpsters in order to dispose of yard garbage. It is common practice to rent dumpsters for the disposal of drywall, slate, & other waste that is generated throughout the course of home improvement projects. The vast majority of waste from your home can be thrown away in your dumpster.

Should I Arrange My Schedule So That I Can Be Home When It’s Delivered?

There is no requirement for you to be present during the delivery or the pickup of the item. aOn the day of the dumpster’s delivery and removal, all you need to do is ensure that the area in which you want the container to be positioned is free of obstructions such as vehicles  & anything else that would impede us from reaching the location.

In addition, please make certain that the dumpster is loaded correctly, with nothing protruding over the top & hanging over the sides of the container.

Is It Possible To Place A Dumpster On An Incline?

In most cases, we are able to position a dumpster on  incline so long as the terrain is level and the gradient of the slope is lower than 15 percent. Whether or not your driveway requires a parking brake for automobiles is a good indicator as to whether or not a dumpster may be placed there.

If  the parking brake is required, the dumpster cannot be placed there. Be conscious of the fact that it is ultimately up to the discretion of the driver to decide whether or not your driveway poses a threat to public safety.

Will My Dumpster Have A Door For Me To Access It?

The majority of our dumpsters come equipped with a door that may be opened in order to bring in goods that are not able to be thrown over the side of the container.

The door is situated on the side of the truck that slides off first when it is unloaded. To completely open the door of the dumpster, you will need a space that is at least 6 feet wide in front of the container.

How Should I Load My Dumpster For Maximum Efficiency?

It is recommended that a dumpster be loaded as evenly as it can be. This will enable you to fit more trash inside while also helping to guarantee that the dumpster is not loaded to its maximum capacity.

It is essential that you ensure that there are no items that protrude above the top or sides of container, since this could make it more difficult or even dangerous for the individual who is responsible for collecting the trash. Please be aware that an additional cost may be imposed on you in the event that your container is found to be overfilled.